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When Countries Migrate I

The Syrians. The Lebanese. The Iraqis. The Afghans. The Eritreans. These people are choosing between life and death.

The Germans. The Swiss. The English. The Austrians. These are stuck between whom to choose in their nation’s respective football tournaments.

Syrians celebrate as they near Europe

Syrians celebrate as they near Europe


Of course, I have always been criticized for generalizing. The sight of women and kids walking the streets of Europe has cast a gloomy spell on my mind. Taking me back to the start of their tumultuous journey. Right from handing over anywhere between 2000-3000 Euros for an adult and 1000 Euros for a child.

There begins their journey on malfunctioning boats in the unpredictable waves swooshing across, to Greece. From Greece, on foot through Hungary to Austria and then finally to Germany. These include Syrians, Iraqis and maybe Lebanese.

We have Eritreans, North Africans, Afghans paying a much higher amount to reach the French port town of Calais. Their sole aim is to board trucks from the highway and cross over to the United Kingdom. Most of them are caught at the check-point.


And imagine this. It’s easier to smuggle illegal crude oil from Iraq and cheap labour from Africa into Europe. The price of human lives.


The stories of Syrians have given me sleepless nights. Every interview I have watched of a Syrian kid landing in Europe makes me wonder what can I possibly do for them. From cardiologists to scientists to mathematicians, these kids have goals to scale. Their words beam pride for the war-torn nation. How much they miss school!! Oh girl, you make me feel I have done nothing in life with all the security in this world I could have asked for.


The Africans have to choose between bread and water. The Syrians need to choose between living in a war-torn nation or crossing the ocean on a dangerous boat to Europe. The rest are planning to choose between the iPhone 64 GB or the 128 GB.




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