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The Option Seeker

She moved from there. She had no idea what she was doing. She tried to move an inch but just couldn’t. She moved. She couldn’t high-beam-ligtsfeel her legs. She remained immobile.

Janaki had a feeling of hope. She thought someone would land there and help her. She had a gruesome road accident. A high beam had thrown her off the scooter. She only hoped of moving from there. She had a sense that she was in touching distance of death. It was 2 AM.

She was busy watching a sitcom at home when she received a phone call from Mukthar. Mukthar sounded all panicky. She called Janaki from a wash room. She informed that her boyfriend made her drink wine and was forcing her to have sex with him. It was around midnight when Janaki received this call. She immediately rushed to Mukthar’s place. Nihar was right there. All drunk.

She called up Roy, her journalist friend and threatens Nihar. Well that worked. He ran away. Mukthar thanked Janaki. She didn’t need that. She quickly left the place.

Janaki went past the row houses. Nihar was hiding behind a tree. She failed to notice. She sped past him. The road was pitch dark. A high beam of a car coming from the opposite direction hit her eyes. She was blinded.

She failed to notice a massive pothole and the scooter had a dangerous skid.

Potholes in December!! Where are the god damn rains!!!!

She fell on her back with the scooter on her left leg. This made her immobile.

The phone started ringing.

She was laying on her back. She pushed her right hand against the ground and reached towards the mobile phone tucked in her denim.

It was Roy!

“Dude, I met with an accident. I can’t fucking move my leg.”

She informed the address and Roy came in about 15 minutes.

Roy rushed her to a hospital. Her leg was fractured. He called up Mukthar.

“She’s met with an accident.”

“I’m a little busy, can you call me back in a while!” she replied.

Roy was furious.

“Your friend, Janaki, if you know who she is, has met with an accident after leaving your place. So kindly grab your scooter and come to the Apollo Hospital right now,” Roy yelled back.

Janaki was looking at Roy and asked him to place the call on speaker.

“Don’t yell at me Roy. After Janaki left, Nihar came back and apologized to me. We are sorting things out. And stop calling females at this ungodly hour.”

Mukthar hung up.

“How does it feel, Janaki? What do you get after helping such people?” Roy asked.

“A broken leg.”

“Don’t be nice to people. 2 AM is not the time to rush to someone’s place. Whatever is the reason? I just don’t get it. Have these people helped you when you were in trouble? Why the fuck do you have to go out of your way to help people?” Roy tried to explain.

Janaki nodded in partial agreement.

“Look here. Look into my eyes, Janaki. People know what you are. They know you are into this social service shit. Think about yourself for once. For just once. Be selfish. Your sitcoms give you better peace. Do not give two shits about what help people are looking for. At least not at 2 AM.”

“What’s with the profanity dude?”

“So now you are going to cleanse my language,” Roy replied in disgust.

He continued, “You were just a fucking option. This is all bullshit. Oh sorry for the profanity again. This is all bull poo-poo!”

Janaki learnt her lesson. Lesson learnt the hard way.

The cast was removed after 2 weeks. And then she receives a call from Mukthar.

She picks up the call. Speaks with her. Tells her to stay away.

And that’s how Janaki erased Mukthar from her life.

Friends are a part of life. But there needs to be a line which shouldn’t be crossed. Life is about yourself. Your well being. If friends don’t give that, chop them off your life. Include only those people in your life who can give you happiness and not those who suck the happiness off it.


(N.B. To be Continued…. So this would be the last post for this year. Season’s Greetings to follow.)


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113 thoughts on “The Option Seeker

  1. Marcos Menezes

    Mind blowing one. The second best post to come out of Back Punch after LGR. The good old Roy is back. Now that I read this, your The Last Spit was just mediocre writing. I believe this one’s the last for this year. U have kind of ended this year with a bang. Congratulations on the success of this website. Sheer vengeance in this post Gokul. What a joy to read! I had my blood running superfast when Roy started with his dialogues. Brilliant one. Proud of u my friend.

  2. Riddhi J

    Bull poo poo, that was so funny. haha. way way better than The Last spit, goksman. this months has been an overdose of your posts. Great work

  3. poonam rathore

    always hated my friends calling me poo, one more reason to tell them.. fab writing.. especially the way u tld hw she pushes her hand to ground and gets up.. wow!! i visualised that

  4. Kamini Kamthe

    2nd best of the year! LGR still remains a class apart. I will tell you why this is the second best and not Drops of Joy 8. This is so bloody realistic. It has vengeance, selfishness, heart all at the same time. How can vengeance and heart be in the same story of say 700 words? The first paragraph was so confusing and then I realised that it’s the hope inside Janaki’s mind. I would omit the part where Mukthar comes in. And then the accident is so neatly described that you feel you are a part of the accident. the last paragraph is just ok. I particularly loved the last sentence. And I am absolutely OK with Roy’s tongue. It could have been a little more nastier but you managed to stick to the good old F word. After this post I can definitely say that Back Punch is ending this year on a good note.
    Great job..

    1. Sneha Menon

      I always felt Drops of Joy 8 stood out. And now this has come. I feel this is the 2nd best and LGR can be a third. This, again like Drops of Joy 8, has got unanimous positive reviews.

  5. Sneha Menon

    This comes out as a really good one. Janaki and Roy are people with contrasts but genuine care for each other. You just get to learn from such people in endless ways. Loved the way you have shown the depth in each character. Top class writing.

  6. Maya Fernandez

    Outstanding piece. There is actually blood in your pen. The wounds are right through this post. I wonder how the people who do not write go past this. I am not sure if there is pain or not in your posts but your writing is rebellious in many ways. I absolutely adore the way you write, the tiny drops of humour you add in. Everything falls in place. The kind of books you read also add in to this disciplined form of writing you carry.
    Maya F.

  7. Sanskriti

    I always wanted Roy to make a strong comeback to Back Punch. Nothing better than this. I wished it was Tantra instead of janaki. Loved the post. And waiting for the Season’s Greetings from Back Punch.

  8. freida lucas

    well try thinking from mukthar’s shoes as well. there must be a point.. of course she is wrong in not calling janaki but mending ties is acceptable yaar. Well thats where you score as a writer and the whole idea of your website stands valid. U havent thrown bad light on either mukthar or nihar.. thats where u succeed. good work.. 🙂

  9. Kamini Kamthe

    I just saw your twitter handle mentioned by Femina India for some fiction writing. This is great Gokul. FINALLY YOU ARE BEING RECOGNISED. Amazing job. If you don’t want people to know about you then let them find you.

  10. Annapoorna mahalingam

    That’s a good write up. Hard to read such articles nowadays. It’s like a treasure hunt and I won. Back punch. Your site is bookmarked for life.

  11. Sagarika Unnitham

    This is an absolute gem of a write up. The way you give respect to each of the characters is commendable. How can you pour so much heart into your posts? At once in the post Mukthar’s behaviour weighed me down. Just loved the way you brought out the dialogues from Roy. Lovely piece.

  12. mary ann kuruvilla

    an essential one for every person who has been taken for granted. This post belongs to Roy, he has done a magnificent job.. Superb,

  13. Hard KNight Reviews

    Amazing end to the year. You have moulded this site into something which has become an integra part of the lives of all these readers.
    Marvelous job!

  14. jits

    The flow of comments say it all, you don’t need my good words to enlighten things up. Again, must say it was a bloody screenplay running in front of me while reading.

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