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The Sacred Affair

In Collaboration with The Elementary Pilgrim


It was not love at first sight because I fell blindly in love with her. My eyes, I never used. We saw each other for

Sacred affair

the first time in a sports store. The moment she saw me, it struck a chord and there was this spark between us. In her eyes I saw the love she had for the game. She was just a rising star in the tennis world and was not known to many. The very next day I saw a piece of news on television, she had qualified for a major Grand Slam. It was her big break and just like any other debutant, she was the 100th seed.


May be it was déjà vu or  sixth sense but when I heard about Mandarin qualifying for the grand slam, there I had the conviction that she would ask me out the very next day. It was my first date and I was nervous. However things went very smoothly, Mandarin was a rock star. She was kind, affectionate and funny. After our first date we realized that we had found our soul mates in each other.  We knew we would be together for a long time. We shared something special and no amount of words could describe that feeling.


After the first couple of dates we got to know each other better. We started to spend as much time possible, together.  Whether it was off the court or on it. What impressed me most about Mandarin was her passion for the game. She had won her first two matches with an easy margin. But her biggest test was the third one. Mandarin was going to compete against her childhood idol, Jalapenos, the number one seed and winner of 12 Grand Slam titles. Jalapenos was the favorite to win the match. However Mandarin wrote her name in the books of history by beating Jalapenos.


After that emphatic win, things started to change. Mandarin became an overnight star. She was the talk of the town and the center of attraction. Every one spoke about her. Even Mandarin’s professional life soar as she saw an ascend in her rankings. And within no time Mandarin was the number one seed in the world. She was now the face of the tennis world. It was really a special journey which we both had embarked together, so far. Due to Mandarin’s superstitious nature, she made sure that I would always accompany her to every match.


It had been seven years since we had been together. It was then that Mandarin was on the brink of history and within touching distance of a rare glory. One more Grand Slam win and Mandarin would have won her seventh in a row. It was a rare feat not many had achieved. Unfortunately, she lost the match.


It was this loss that changed the life of Mandarin and for the ones close to her. Mandarin was completely broken after this loss. Days passed by and I would keep waiting for Mandarin to pick me up for her practice sessions.


However she kept me waiting for no fault of mine.


Our long talks were now shortened and was going towards being muted. It was on one such fateful day I saw her consume drugs. That shattered my heart. I was torn apart. She failed to realize that I would have been always there for her. For I had loved the human in her and not the tennis star.


Mandarin was banned by the Tennis Federation. Soon after our fall out, Mandarin met with an accident and was gone far away from me.


I still feel her presence around me. The love and concern we had was special. We always respected each other’s space.


Today I was auctioned and now I sit in a showcase of a rich man who proclaims to be a diehard fan of Mandarin.


This is my story, story of Wilson the racket.


Her sweat is still on my handle and the smell still captivates me. She had just not been my soul mate but she was a part of me.

She is still alive for her soul resides in me and I am dead for she has taken my soul away.


(N.B. This is a collaborative effort with The Elementary Pilgrim.)


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49 thoughts on “The Sacred Affair

  1. Marcos Menezes

    The Martin Scorcese style is back. You made all of us wait a really long time for your romantic stories. Lets have more of this Gokul. The serious stuff is getting onto our heads.

  2. Cathy Xavier

    This is spectacular. Never did I actually come to know that there will be such a romance involved. Good work to Elementary Pilgrim as well.

  3. Maya Fernandez

    Well well well. Look at this. Understand its a collaborative effort but the last few lines are all yours.Pretty fucking good. In my comment on LGR 2 i did tell you that there is someone in your life and its coming out of that. Well this story holds me right. Mr. Writer I would appreciate if you reply and inform me that I am correct. You failed to respond on my previous comment as well. A writer is a person who writes a part of his life, his hopes, his desires and his sadness. Loved this one to the core and needless to say the Punch is delivered towards the end.


    1. Back Punch Post author


      A writer has dreams, hopes and that’s where these words come from. All for the greater common good of creativity.
      I’d appreciate if you not mention your email in the comments field.

      Stay Blessed,

  4. Anonymous

    u will be loved like no man has ever been loved. may u have that gal who lightens up ur life or let the gal who is there in ur life to lighten it up. cos u with all those words, will have the perfect partner.god bless u always.

    1. Riddhi J

      the conversations v r having is not something Gokul will approve of but yeah even i feel atleast after those last few lines. Only if u hav experienced it can u write on it??

  5. Bernadette Patrickson

    Oh!! Now the comments force me to ask u personal qns. U r one writer who stands by the truth and ur words have that amazing spark so even i feel that there’s some truth to it.

  6. Bernadette Patrickson

    Oh!! Now the comments force me to ask u personal qns. U r one writer who stands by the truth and ur words have that amazing spark so even i feel that there’s some truth to it. G.. Whats up buddy??

  7. Aditi

    To all those interested in Gokul’s personal life, I humbly request you’ll to enjoy the posts and appreciate the style. This blog is not about Gokul’s personal life and as you’ll are regulars, I don’t need to explain the purpose of this blog. Gokul will not discuss his personal life on the blog and I’d appreciate if you’ll respect his privacy.
    Also, an author can weave a story based solely on his imagination and as Gokul rightly put it, dreams and hope.
    So let’s keep Gokul and his personal life out of discussions and comments as I feel we do not have the right to do so; and enjoy Backpunch with Tantra and Roy. 🙂

    1. Maya Fernandez

      Dear Aditi,
      Well. Well. One more person has come from behind the scenes and commented. I hope you are the same Aditi mentioned as a major contributor in this website right?? It is not about gettin personal or anyhting of the likes but I am just inquisitive to know a little more about G. A writer is just like an actor or politician or singer or a social worker. Sometimes their private lives are looked into. The depth in this story is such that the writer has experienced something of this sort. My personal opinion is that there is no harm in asking with due respect to your way of thinking as well.

      Maya F.

    2. Sneha Menon

      I agree with you Aditi. Even I thought an unwanted eagerness in the author’s personal life. Don’t know the response he will get when he writes a love story between two Human Beings.
      Good to hear from you though. And its really a pleasure to see both Mariam and you standing by G no matter what. At least now I know why females are a driving force in his stories.

  8. Aditi

    Hi Maya!
    Its a pleasure to talk to you. Yes, I am the same Aditi that Gokul has mentioned in his ‘Contributors’. Firstly, I was never ‘behind-the-scenes’; I chose not to comment. Secondly, let me take the liberty and say that I know Gokul personally and hence, the kind of person he is. I beg to differ with you when you say that a writer is just like an actor, politician, singer or a social worker. As far as Gokul is concerned, he is a very private person and does not like inquisitiveness regarding his personal life. Other writers too may not like their personal space being intruded, nor do other artists, but the public leaves them no choice and renders them helpless. Like I said in my earlier comment too, the blog is not about ‘Getting to know Gokul’. Its a beautiful amalgamation of social issues that can be discussed and opined upon. So if Gokul has to let us into his personal space, he will. Until then, I suggest we enjoy only the writer in him.

    Happy reading! 🙂

    1. Marcos Menezes

      Good to hear from you Aditi. I had the pleasure of conversing with Mariam as well through such comments. Amazing to see the people behind back Punch come and clear out things.
      God Bless You.

      1. Back Punch Post author


        Good that you as well as some of our regular readers are acquainting with the people behind Back Punch. Aditi has always been a silent critic but she sure does lash out if she sees something going wrong. Hence, we are proud to have her on board.

        Stay Blessed,

  9. Aditi

    Hello Marcos,
    Thank you for the support, opinions and comments on the posts. It was a pleasure to read the same 🙂
    I believe in standing by your friends, through thick and thin, hence felt the need to clarify. After all, that is what Back punch believes in too.

    Thanks again! 🙂

  10. Aditi

    Hi Sneha!
    I know you are a regular. Whether or not Gokul will write a love story involving humans is something I can’t comment on. Like I said in the earlier comment, friends are meant to stand by each other 🙂
    Women have been a source of inspiration in Gokul’s life before Backpunch was born :).
    Its been a pleasure to talk to you 🙂

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