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The Signal


After all the fuss, he didn’t budge. He didn’t want to create a scene there. He was still adamant. Tuffy looked notoriously at the cops for not taking any action against the beggars pushing him at the signal.


The signal was a long 180 seconds one. He was on his bike. It was 8 am. He reached the signal just when it turned red. He was immediately surrounded by 2 kids and a lady. They started pushing and asking him for money from either sides. He kept calling the policemen to check on his plight. They kept ignoring.


He broke the signal and went over to the cops who dutifully stopped him. They saw him pulling out his mobile phone. He moved away and called up Tantra who lived near the signal. She came running to the spot. The policemen kept asking for the fine. After hearing the entire story Tantra went towards a policeman and started patting him on his forearm. He moved away.


She kept doing the same. He yelled. She stared at him.

He understood.


He assured of some sort of clarity on the issue. He informed that these beggars keep changing signals and are replaced by a set of new ones every week.


Tuffy left for office and Tantra went home. All of today seemed way too incomplete.


Look out. Let us not make a fool of ourselves. Money out of hard work should not be distributed freely when there is no point in the first place. Let the beggars not signal you. After all let’s not forget what happened to the baby which smoked.



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14 thoughts on “The Signal

  1. Marcos Menezes

    Gokul, When the Baby Smokes was a brilliant piece. Here you have tried to capture the mind of a person standing at the signal. Good ending as usual but tou know something was amiss.

  2. Ashis Hosneti

    Have been following ur writing since some time. It’s pretty tough to find a person who so easily juggles between poetry and story writing. Hats off. To be honest this is very true and every two Wheeler rider can relate to it. It’s like an everyday thing. Your portrayal of such events is really commendable.

  3. Anonymous

    Get back Roy dude. Here it could have easily been Roy because this Tuffy character is not that good hearted as per ur posts so lets get back Roy. Roy has a different thought process altogether.

  4. aavishkar jain

    This is like an everyday sight. The last paragraph does give a punch from the behind. Exactly! Why should i lighten my pocket and fund such kind of a mafia?

  5. Sumitra Kaul

    Get a little more deeper. Obviously unearthing the mafia will be a little too tough to crack. But u can certainly showcase something extraordinary.

  6. Dimitriy G

    So many new people are sharing their thoughts. Superb. Beggars at signals is a little new to me. But certainly good to know information.

  7. Sanskriti

    Versatile.i loved the start and the end and all that confusion in the middle. I am waiting for Kamini’s thoughts on this piece. That part where Tantra was irritating the cop is brilliant. The cop might have gone into some kind of self realisation mode. A rather welcome change after you treating your readers to many delicious and a couple of tasteless poems.

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