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The Unprotected Child Returns



She was waiting under a tree for her office bus to arrive. She saw the bus slowly halt in front of her. Sasha waved goodbye to


 her parents standing in the balcony, held the lower part of her stomach and got inside the bus.

She was 8 months pregnant. Her colleagues made way for her in the bus. She slept.

The sudden ascend made her realize that she had reached the office parking. Her friends helped her into the lift and then to her workstation. Mukthar noticed Sasha’s eyes. They were yellow. Sasha was feeling dizzy and nauseous. Her colleagues forced her to visit the gynaecologist but she informed them that he was on vacation and she will visit the next week, once he is back.

She fainted.

She was taken to a well known Private hospital. Sasha was diagnosed with jaundice. The doctors had to remove the baby immediately. The baby was moved to the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit).

The doctors informed that Sasha’s liver has failed and needs an immediate transplant.

Rs. 40 Lakhs.

It was too much and too late.

She died.

She thought of not losing out on her salary and kept working although she was eligible for maternity leaves as soon as she entered her 5th month.

Her husband, who works in Mumbai, reached the hospital after she died.

Negligence or the greed to earn more money?

The baby survived and is out of the NICU.

The husband can re-marry after a couple of years but the child has no mother. Who should be blamed? The mother, the father, their parents or the doctors?


Let’s just blame that sperm which fought its way out of the womb to see no mother.


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76 thoughts on “The Unprotected Child Returns

  1. Purva kumar

    dude, u make people to read the entire story just for the last line. i mean who wud have even thought of you blaming someone no one cud imagine. hats off and thanks fro writing on this topic.

  2. Shrinidhi Narawane

    Well really thoughtful of you to write on this and good you wrote a small piece. If these parents do not have time to take care of the unborn child then i am sure they wont have time to read their own story. I wait for your endings. Always in the hope that the ending will never be a failure and yet again you prove that, your endings are awesome. This is seriously some good writing.

  3. Maya Fernandez

    so the sperm takes the blame. let go nair. agree with you. in that one line you made me completely agree with your logic. loved it.

  4. Dr. Veni Iyer

    There is more to it. I kind of have disagreements over the cost. But agree to the fact that parents are negligent nowadays. Forget about the one in the womb, they sometimes forget about the ones right in front of them, their own kids. You are writing real thought provoking articles on children and all of them have come out really superb. I do not find any mistakes from the medical perspective as well. Thanks for taking up such topics. You are good.

  5. Kamini Kamthe

    This one is really small but you have left your mark. What do I say? I am just not going to talk about the remaining part of the story. Just the last line.
    The sperm wins the battle but lost the mother who motivated the sperm to win it in the first place. Gokul, your last lines, need I say anything more.
    Your life is just for writing. Just do that and the world will follow your words.

  6. cyril moorthy

    this must have painful to write. really sad things happening around the globe and u are noticing it and sending out a good and strong message.

  7. Marcos M

    Please reboot The Unprotected Child and post it again. You can make that even more powerful and you very well know that. This has been executed brilliantly. To the point and the usual Back Punch signature, ending. Sheer goosebumps. And one more thing, now I finally understand why some of your posts are small and end up leaving an unwashable mark. Smart!

  8. Martha Young

    Extremely common nowadays but negligence of such a sort is not excusable at all. There is no point in blaming anyone. The mother died. God bless the child.

  9. Sanskriti Verma

    Very serious topic. Beautifully written. Its really nice to see the way you just put so much heart into it. Anyone could just easily blame the mother or the father but you just took all that away from them. That’s why you are so fabulous G. Great work and fabulous ending.

  10. Mithun Kurien

    I dont know whats happening to you in the titles department but this is one big setback after that disastrous Lets Get Raped title. You have a strong reader base but such titles will shoo them away..
    Need to come with more sensible and less controversial titles..

    1. Shrinidhi

      You are at it again. I had seen your spineless outburst on Lets Get Raped. My dear Mithun, it requires balls to come up with such a title and present and validate the title with such grace. You belong to those breed of men who are just in this universe for lust and sex and God knows what not??
      Apply the top floor of your body atleast once in your lifetime and understand the creative aim behind such titles. Its easy to pinpoint mistakes and rip apart a writer but it takes a thinking mind to come up with such articles. I seriously cannot believe that you called that title disastrous. And now i am short of words.
      Get a life dude!

    2. Emilié Gãrsons

      How easy is it for you Mr. Mithun K to just mutilate a person who is silently trying to make a change. Please understand and comment. I am just not a female. I am a mother. I know what Mr. G has been writing and what he is trying to convey. If you cannot understand that then you are good reading Vogue or some other fashion magazine which will inspire you in your own pointless way.

  11. Catherine Xavier

    Ridiculous!! How can one be so ignorant? Believe me Punch, even teen moms in USA are very careful when it comes to the life inside them. This is a real painful sight. Good you wrote on this. Please share this with expecting parents. May the Lord bless the kid. Really appreciate you in not blaming anyone. The last line is as always, magnificent.

  12. Govind bakshi

    Well written smartly without drifting away from the topic. straight to the point, havent read any other posts but if this is the way you write then great job. time to publish then.

  13. Rubeena Magdum

    I see ur point, u do not want motherhood to be questioned. U read good hence u can write so good. such a sensitive topic, sensibly handled

  14. Emilié Gãrsons

    How bad can people be? So ignorant. The days I were pregnant were the most beautiful days of my life. Although I had my brother on my side but it was special. And when my baby came into this world I just couldnt thank the Christ enough for his blessing. And this is how a child is taken care of. I am so torn apart. Of the many negativities i had around, your earlier story on the unprotected child, although u mentioned as a fictitious story touched me within and i started to see life positively. Although this story is very painful but the way u have shown the courage of that kid in the last line just shows how good a human being you are. More than a writer you are a blessing. You will always be in my prayers because you know how to heal people with your words. Thanks for being there through Back Punch. You are a pillar of strength not just for me but for people all around. Please do keep inspiring.

  15. Dimitriy Garson

    Emilie just saw the title and hoped on to read. She is so much stronger now. Not just your previous story named unprotected child but many of them. particularly the drops of joy series and the psycho series has made her think in a different way. Much more positive and smile over small things. Thank you so much.

  16. Ashis Honseti

    Venomous Post. Well could have been if your words wud have moved here and there but again you prove why you are a writer to be closely observed. I just forgot the content after reading the last line. Lovely.

  17. The Sarcastic Pony

    Not a great one dude after those kickass ones in the form of Happy Bday and Lets get Raped. The last paragraph stands out. Nonetheless the last line makes it a good read.

  18. Abhinand

    look its pretty small although you have kind of shown the incident realistically. i actually i might have to read ur other stories to understand what the fuss behind this SO CALLED LAST LINE is all about. well i liked the last line here.

  19. Sneha Menon

    And there are no one amongst ur readers blaming the mother. Well they seem to agree with ur point. Good to see that. Let’s get Raped is a class apart. This is also good but still there seems to be a scope for improvement.

  20. Pritha

    Wonderfully written.A very moving piece of article depicting the repercussions of ignoring the trivial indications and signals of life. What an amazing portrayal of life and death at the same time. Wish people are more alert after reading this article .. All the very best for your future posts.. Your posts reflects that you are truly a genius and wonderful person at heart !!! God Bless !!

  21. Mariam Alex

    Goks Nair,

    i like the way you conveyed the message,but I expected you to come to the point without beating around the bush…Man,when a woman conceives,that budding life is not just within her belly..that should born in her heart first.especially for that matter when a couple plans for a child,the baby should born in their hearts first..then only they can think n plan for a great life of their child.I guess,both this lady n husband should be blamed for being careless ….this is a message for all those who wish for kids ,but fail to be responsible for the budding life and their own lives!

    1. Marcos

      Beating around the bush!! That would be the last thing this post or any of his posts will be out. First things first, this one’s too short to even go around the bush. As the feeling of the child coming hasn’t been developed in the parents hearts, he had quite rightly titled it. I guess the only time he had beaten around the bushes is for his Martin Scorcese styled stories.

    2. Emilié Gãrsons

      Dear Mariam,
      All that about motherhood you mentioned in your reaction is true. my life is similar to The Unprotected Child, the first part although i was abandoned. If Mr. Nair beat around the bush I wouldn’t have been such a follower of this blog.
      As you are associated with this blog can you please suggest him to come and atleast reply to our reactions.

  22. jits

    Keeping it short can be understood to convey the message, but it was really harsh to see you mention the greed for money. I don’t think any parent would like to pay such a heavy price for it.

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