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The Waves

Looking at the waves I stood,
Their behaviour, i never understood.

The tides were high,

The Wave

And Some were low.

Although they hit in a different fashion,
Each had the same passion.

I wonder,
And begin to ponder.

Why can’t our ups and downs
Be nothing more than a few frowns.

Why do we make it such a big thing,
When the blind man on the street just sings.

Life is just like the passing waves,
You will have a lot of close shaves.

I wonder,
And begin to ponder.

Let us keep the bad thoughts at our feet,
The waves will wash them away, Oh so sweet!

Looking at the waves I stood,
Their behaviour, I finally understood.

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7 thoughts on “The Waves

  1. Bernadette Patrickson

    This is what I was talking about, poem with a message, beautiful. Now I won’t complain that its too short because this is the first attempt. Well written and a poignant reminder of life’s uncertainties. Try more of your writing style in the poetic department.

  2. Riddhi J

    Well well well, Goksman, Poems and stuff. This one is good. I dont wanna compare this with Dear Dad cos her poem was more on da emotive side. Yours is proper Back Punch style. Be it poem or a story , u are following that style. Impressive. Lets have some even better ones now. 😉

  3. Wonga Quarry

    Refreshing. So positive. Indians have a very different way of looking at things. I dont know if itts just you or in general. The next time I go anywhere near a beach, I’ll make sure that I will wash away my worries as well. Thank You Punchy Sir.

  4. Sanskriti Verma

    Impressive! Have you written poems earlier? Let me be more clear, how many poems have you written and not publicised. This does not look like a person writing one for the first time.You have maintained that climax style of yours. ‘Gyaan’ is what we call it but in a good way. For me this is the first one you have written so I am not getting down to bashing because it has actually come out good.
    ‘When the blind man on the street just sings,’ I absolutely loved this line. Apathy said in a rather subtle way. I’ll certainly wait for the next one. 🙂

  5. Sreerag N

    A very good one Mr. Goks. Short, sweet and meaningful. The vast blue ocean and its waves do have a magic of erasing your troubled thoughts. Keep it coming poet.!!!

  6. Mithun Kurien

    Nice. We have people who wash away their worries by just jumping into the sea. It ideally works both the ways but good that u showd it in that positive fashion. Adding an Oh so sweet made that stretch an extra convincing. Interesting site. Will go though the interesting ones very soon! Good work.

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