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To Certainty..

An Ameya D. Original

She looked into the mirror and tried to smile,
She searched for answers but there were no questions .

Things had changed.



She was not the same, she used to love people,
Now she preferred to be alone.

She loved waking up early in the mornings,
Now she loved the darkness.


She loved talking,

Now she has nothing to say.


She loved listening to romantic songs,

Now they were her nightmares.


She loved when someone complimented her,

Now she received no more compliments.


She loved the never ending nights,
Now she wished they would end forever.


She loved the cold breeze that rain bought,
Now the cold breeze leaves her skin numb.


She loved the color red,
Red now leaves her with a feeling of restlessness.


She loved when she had tears of joy,
Now her tears have dried up.


Silence was never her enemy,
But silence scares her now.


She has carried the burden of a broken soul not one but many times,
She wanted to be loved but the burden of that broken soul never let that happen.


But no one can take the courage from her,
And that is why she once again looks into the mirror and tries to smile.

(N.B. This is an original work by Ameya Dusane.)

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9 thoughts on “To Certainty..

  1. Kamini Kamthe

    Believe me! This has shades of The Psycho series. Pretty emotive. The girl is still strong, thats a good way to end it. Could have been better, I am pretty sure the writer would agree to me.

  2. Mariam Alex

    Average one…but could convey the depth of her loneliness n could discriminate the changes in her character now and then..Good attempt..best wishes to the writer.!

  3. Kimber Susanna

    Hello, after reading this awesome piece of writing i am as well cheerful to share my knowledge here with colleagues.

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