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To Infinity III

I loved him. I cared about him. He loved me too. He was special. We used to stay together. Sleep together. Wake up tTo infinityogether and hang out together. He was a little too protective about me.


We were together for around 5 years. He loved writing. He loved reading. I got used to it. Even I started reading and writing. We used to go out and all around I used to see misery, poverty and a contradiction of sorts. But he made me look at the world in a positive manner. I liked it that way. Now I started seeing people helping each other and lots of other positive things. He was not an outgoing person. We used to stay home the entire day. I could literally see him put thoughts into words. His language was a little too good. It was like goosebumps for life but I tried not being carried away.


What if life had an entire different plan! I tried to stay close to him whenever it was possible. Even he tried the same. There were nights when he lay on his bed, he would just close his eyes and just didn’t care to look at me even if I was right there.


But life has always been about those good days when we used to read and write together. Which people in love ever do that? No one. That’s why this one was special. We had the same outlook towards life.


I liked that. I kept a tab on whatever his eyes fell upon. I used to stalk his vision and never gave him a chance to cheat on me. When we used to go out together, I never allowed him to walk past shops and ogle at someone better than me. But I had a feeling that I was wearing out.


I am a spectacle. The spectacle with which he used to read and write and look at better ones at an Optical store. I connected with his eyes and it lasted whenever I was right there over his nose.


Some things in life stay and some don’t but if we hold onto something, it’ll stay on. So make sure you hold onto the positives in your life or in your friends or in your partner. Look past the negatives. Add that invisible spectacle to your vision and search for the positives. Never forget but always forgive. The negatives leave a lasting impression but the positives have the power to erase all of that.

And that lasts to infinity.




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|| BACK PUNCH | Injecting Positivity | Spreading Joy
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