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Two Souls



Final PNGThere she waited for me to arrive,
At that age, full of life.

She embraced and kissed,
And spoke of how much she missed.

Goes to the temple she on my every birthday,
And prays for me to outnumber her days.

Prepares she a sumptuous feast,
Pounce on it, I, like a starving beast.

One poured love and the other didn’t show,
But both prayed for me to grow,
And when I felt low,
They would sing a lullaby to make me glow.

She had problems with thoughts,
And she had carcinogenic knots.

One defied it for less than five years,
The other fought for more than ten years.

And then they leave making everyone cry,
I am left high and dry.

For their souls are up in heaven,
And my feelings just deepen.

For they made my parents,
Without them I just flow away in the low currents,
Facing reality I just lament, as both departed in a gap of a month.

Where will I share,
And get all that care,
Shall meet you soon,
This is too much to bear.

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71 thoughts on “Two Souls

  1. Sneha Menon

    Heartfelt condolences. I believe the two people behind those concealed words are your grandmoms. What a way to pay tribute! They must be so proud of you. Take care.

  2. Kamini Kamthe

    You made us wait for two months for a post and what a beautifully crafted poem. Firstly condolences for your loss. It’s so easy for you to bring a smile on the reader’s face and equally simple for you to make them cry.
    “She had problems with thoughts,
    And she had carcinogenic knots.”
    These lines, I have no words. I mean how easily have you managed to conceal your emotions and take the readers through a heart wrenching journey. After reading this I sincerely feel that you should completely shun The Thinking Diva series and start of with more of emotions and joy. Easily my favourite.

  3. Cathy X

    When a person writes away his emotions to move hearts and hide his sorrow..A Writer is born!! You keep shouting out aloud that why BackPunch is the best. You know it’s high time you start a new section stating the mentions, invites and accolades BackPunch and you as a writer have received. High time!!
    Two Souls is brilliant. I cried. My daughter cried. The last stanza was nothing short of a masterpiece.

  4. Marcos Menezes

    Sad to know about your loss. Its pretty tough to understand that from your words but we have specialists who understand your language and decode it. Pretty striking poem. One of your best.

  5. Mithun Kurien

    The title is misleading. I thought its a love story and read it and its such a sad poem that you have spoilt my Sunday night. The poem is undoubtedly good but stop putting such deceitful titles that the reader is tricked into reading it. Not expected from someone of your caliber.

  6. Meghna Sharma

    Believe me this is the best one to come from BackPunch and there will be better ones to come out of that mind of yours. Emotional high! Just like someone mentioned

  7. Sreerag Nair

    Finally…he is back, it was a delight to read this…hats off for this splendid piece of literature…deeply scripted engraved with emotions in every stanza….. a masterpiece indeed !!

  8. Illuminée Thomas Dubois

    An rivetting blend of emotions. No room for the faint hearted. Even the ones with the most hardest of hearts will break down. You have just written your heart in here You are unique talent. Keep writing.

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