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Women in Making I

Women in Making I

The Mysterious One

Sat she in the corner,

Like some silent mourner.


Has learnt lesson she for a lifetime,

Worry about she all the time.


Protects she her emotions like an umbrella,

Smiles she, no teeth, looks like Cinderella.


Shows she to the world all’s fine,

Too young she to crush her feelings like a lime.


In blue, in red, in black and in pink,

Fills she your eyes in a blink.


In life, she learnt way too less,

Mysterious she is, not worth even a guess.


Some hurt and some poke,

Laugh it off her like some joke.


Whispers aloud, she alone,

She is surely sane.


From her immature days, she is waking,

Thoughts of her no longer maiming,

She is no longer faking,

Because she is one woman in the making.




(N.B. : Women in Making will be a series of poems inspired from the lives of women I have known personally and how they have evolved. Unlike The Thinking Diva Series and The Diva which is based on one lady, Women in Making will be based on various females.)



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26 thoughts on “Women in Making I

  1. karunya a

    Must say.. Brilliant portrayal of the mysterious lady.. You have not let the suspense out.. extremely closed approach without giving out any personal details. Looks like a psychological take,

  2. Riddhi Jalan

    Thoroughly beautiful. This series will not just be inspirational but will certainly influence a lot of people. Women in Making, brilliant title.. Hope to see these poems keep improving. Way to go Goksman

  3. Sanskriti Verma

    Everyone need to just keep reading and see the magic unfold. It just keeps you captivated and takes you on a journey, each female on a different voyage. I believe you’ve written atleast 40+ poems on females and none of them look similar. You are just good.

    Also heard about the new travel website. All the best for that.

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