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Writer’s Block : Word Fights


Some days I just can’t write,

The thoughts are too tight,

Like words having fights,

With all their might.



Some days I just can’t write,

I look beyond the blue sky,

For some kind of sign,

Only to have words not mine.



Some days I just can’t write,

Look for stories in people,

Some look humble and some in trouble,

All those thoughts still, remain feeble.



Some days I just can’t write,

Like the world’s come to an end,

Can’t buy thoughts so can’t just spend,

Time to muster all those thoughts and mend.



Some days I just can’t write,

Sometimes I scribble,

Sometimes I mumble,

And still those words look so so feeble.



Some days I just can’t write,

At 2AM I pull my hair,

Catch my thoughts through a glare,

Not knowing she texts,

So here’s what happens next.



For all the words and all the thoughts gone,

Reply to her all my frustration on the phone,

Thinks she what’s wrong with this moron,

Greets she a night, and wishes I leave her alone.



Erm, those nights when I can’t write,

Psychologically I’m not so light,

Human race, better be out of sight,

My mind’s occupied,

With words having fights.

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16 thoughts on “Writer’s Block : Word Fights

  1. Sanskriti V

    You have written 8 fucking stanzas with nice rhymes and a brilliant flow on how you are not able to write. Someone has rightly called you a morone. You so certainly are a morone. haha.Good work.

  2. Sneha Menon

    This is modern poetry. I still wonder why you refused the Kala Ghoda invite to recite poetry. What a stage it would have been. Real bad. There were not many people who recite modern poetry as good as you out there. Make it the next time.

  3. nidhi narawane

    what a delightful ending! you are one fucking psycho. a true writer/poem in making. an absolute fucking psycho of humongous proportions.

  4. natasha

    however dusty the windows are or however filthy the curtains are, you still manage to write something which goes through my heart and makes me wonder the amazing creation this is. lovely final stanza

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