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Writer’s Block

One of the greatest influences for me has been music. And not just any random artist. Not an artist dancing around and swearing and orchestrating the wrong.


Every time I sit with blank thoughts in my head and no words even breezing past, I grab the iPod, tuck the earpods and play them. Play any song. Songs of hope. Songs of love. Lost love. Songs aiming at Making the world a better place. There are a lot of emotions in writing this post. There have been days I have just sat looking at the road. Looking at the road which carries a burden of a thousand vehicles and people walking. The road lies there bearing all the pain. I still look onto that road waiting for an idea to be planted in my mind.


Days passed. Nights have passed. Cups of coffees have been emptied. Strolls in the rains have been emblemished. Nothing happens.


But sometimes a Coldplay track gives me ideas far from the Paradise. Far away from the sky full of stars. Ideas that can be painted yellow. Some that put me in trouble. Some last as long as a hymn for the weekend. Some are miracles. Some just wish me an amazing day.


Songs of hope and love and optimism is what the world needs.


Music and its power cannot be ignored.


Well music and writing walk under the same umbrella.




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|| BACK PUNCH | Injecting Positivity | Spreading Joy
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