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God Creates Man; Man Creates Religion : Yazidis

She was captured not for her looks. Not for her boobs. Not for her lips. Not for her age. She was captured because she is a Yazidi. Because her religion consists elements of Christianity, Islam and Zoroastrianism. She is like the polar bear. Part of the endangered population. Hence, she is sinned and damned. These Sunni extremists consider Yazidis as barely human.

She was enslaved and her pictures circulated through Telegram, WhatsApp and other social media platforms. Her background may not have allowed her the luxury to have endless chats on these but her race has made her a social media star. Oh! Oh the ISIS has given her the opportunity she wouldn’t have ever had. What a shame!

Sex slaves. That’s the level these terrorist sissies have chosen to fund their goal of having a caliphate. They believe the Qu’ran says so.

ISIS believes them to be “devil-worshippers

Harrowing stories of Yazidi females trying to break loose from captivity have been shared worldwide but nothing has been done. What can be done! Write! Write and write.

Bombing the bonkers out of innocent souls and now enslaving helpless females from a particular race. This is no religious terrorism. This is surely funded by some of the developed and well to do nations for vested interests.

To stake claim to a piece of land people have been forced to flee countries and females been sold for sexual bondage just to finance arms and ammunition.

There should be something wrong with the society that these gun wielding humans have gone so evil. They still came out of a womb. They still had that breast milk. They still held the fingers of a lady whom they fondly called mother. They still held her right and made her a shield when the father scolded. They know that the females they are selling now is someone’s mother. She can be one in the future. That photo of her breast they circulated was once upon a time the only source of food for them. Somewhere everything went wrong

Someone tell these terrorists that the price of a female lies within her soul.

And that, can never be measured.



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7 thoughts on “God Creates Man; Man Creates Religion : Yazidis

  1. karunya agrawal

    the last long paragraph gave me the goosebumps, absolute backpunch ending. loved it. thx a ton for letting me know about the yezidis

  2. Anonymous

    why again why the sympathy, even in india there are sex slaves, have u researched on them or even felt like writing..
    u need to get a reality check done soon!! enough of the migrant stories

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